PBS (KQED) to air PFC Sponsored Boyhood Shadows

PFC sponsors award-winning documentary Boyhood Shadows – addressing sexually abused boys

Originally aired in 2007, Boyhoods Shadows – I Swore I’d Never Tell, was the focus for discussion during the November 5 and 12, 2010 airings on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The documentary follows the journey of a boy who was sexually abused. Oprah’s show aired a two part series entitled “200 Males Who Were Molested Come Forward.” The show featured actor and director, Tyler Perry, and men from across America who were sexually abused during childhood.

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Mitchell Rabin of “A Better World” makes PFC Better

Mitchell Rabin, noted host of A Better World series on Television and Radio joins the Board of Advisors of Partnerships For Change.  Mitchell is noted for his fascinating interviews with notable entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, scientists, and spiritual leaders.  Mitchell also has been spearheading investments in products and services that are “green” and sustainable based on the technology used and positive impact on the environment, people in the community, and economy.

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George Jensen, Jr. Brings Global Financial Advice to Partnerships For Change


Partnerships For Change® is proud to announce the appointment of George R. Jensen, Jr. to its Board of Advisors. Mr. Jensen brings a dynamic and diverse business experience including the entertainment industry where he is a Partner in Star Partners, Inc., considered to be the premier entertainment and sports financiers in the world.   He is also a Partner in the prestigious private equity firm of Blackhawk Partners, Inc. based in New York City.  George is the Founder, Chairman and CEO, Jensen Expansion Capital, Inc., an entertainment, technology and 5-Star Resorts advisory and consulting firm and Board Member of the Financial Policy Council promoting sound public policy, free enterprise and wealth creation.

For over twenty years, Partnerships For Change®, a 501(c)3 a nonprofit organization, headquartered in San Francisco, has been dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development through direct humanitarian action, transforming social and economic conditions of underserved communities around the world.  We look forward to and rely upon George’s extraordinary principles, integrity, broad business insights and ability to extend PFC’s global reach.

Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) airs PFC sponsored film, Miss Representation, October 20, 2011

MissRep 300x300

Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s award winning documentary, Miss Representation, presents distortions of the practical realities of the lives of women and girls.

The film was first screened on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) October 20th.

San Francisco, California – Partnerships For Change®, a 501(c)3, international non-profit organization, is the fiscal sponsor for the documentary and has supported the release of the highly acclaimed and social media sensation, Miss Representation.

“When I was working with Ms. Siebel Newsom early on in the project, I knew she was onto documenting a deep wound in our society. It was through Newsom’s research and interviews that she was able to bring forward the long held practices of corporate advertisers and the media who endlessly promote sexist images of girls and women. These portrayals not only harms women’s lives, character, and potential it is reinforcing these stereotypes for the next generation of girls and boys. The time has come to create a community of individuals forwarding a movement of positive media representation of women in TV, film and the media.”  Jackie Miller, President and CEO of Partnerships For Change®, announced when she saw the completed project.

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