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Samarpan Movement a charitable not-for-profit entity, established in September 2006 in New Delhi. PFC supports the foundation through outreach, financial support, and program development to provide global support and assistance of any kind where there is humanitarian, ecological, environmental and animal welfare need.

The projects developed and advanced by Samarpan Foundation are volunteer-driven and individually empower economic development for women, health through clinics and food for the needy, education for the poor including tuition support, and environmental sustainability through innovative homes and buildings with recycled materials.

Recent Support and Development for Samarpan

PFC designed and delivered a United Nations forum to showcase the innovative projects of the Samarpan Movement that help in “sustainable recovery” from natural disasters.



Empowering Social and Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Women's Empowerment and Health Promotion

Lama Tenzin and Himalayan Kids

Accelerating Environmental, Economic and Personal Transformation

Jaipur Foot

Learning Journeys

Catalyzing Media as a Change Agent