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100 Years: One Woman’s Fight for Justice

100yrs100 Years: One Woman’s Fight for Justice chronicles the courageous efforts of Elouise Cobell, a petite Native American warrior who discovered billions of dollars missing from the century old government managed Indian Trust Fund belonging to 300,000 Native Americans. In 1996, Cobell filed the largest class action lawsuit ever filed against the U.S. Government. For 15 long years and through three Presidential administrations, Cobell relentlessly fought for justice for her people. This is the story of how she prevailed and made history.

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shamethumbA film by Richard Yeagley.

A young man's identity is called into question when he visits a religious based sexual re-orientation therapist.

Shame is a feature length documentary tht follows Nathan Gniewek, a 27 year old gay man, as he struggles to come to terms with his sexual identity. Nathan, a devout Catholic, is so troubled by his secual orientation that he seeks counseling in the form of reparative therapy from a therapist named Chris Doyle.

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Who Pays the Price: The Human Cost of Electronics

An investigative story of how the Apple and Samsung cell phones we use are being made by exploited workers, causing terminal illness and death in China. Our filmmakers, Heather White and Jialing Zhang, have gone undercover and risked their own health to expose the human cost of how we now communicate.

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powerEverything we do is dependent on power. If we woke up one morning without access to energy, there would be no way to travel to work, to communicate, or access water. Hospitals, schools,
factories, and governments would all be irrevocably affected. Entire populations would starve.

When we turn on a light switch or stream a video online none of us contemplate where that energy came from and at what cost. The consequences of that fact will be dire for future generations.

POWER endeavors to answer the most crucial questions concerning us all. What is the future of energy? What are the stakes if we fail to make changes? Where are the solutions?

OTG and Kavana join forces with Partnerships For Change® to complete this documentary about how the lack of power leaves our children powerless.


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Women's Empowerment and Health Promotion

Lama Tenzin and Himalayan Kids

Accelerating Environmental, Economic and Personal Transformation

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Catalyzing Media as a Change Agent